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who is 0-2 this post season. here is a 1-1 pitch. 2-1. giants lost game one of their division series here at home to the reds. lost game one of the nlcs here at home to the cardinals. the count goes to 3-1. one out away from a victory in game one of the world series before this home crowd. ramon santiago on deck. two-out, nobody on. strike two on avila. zito tonight, 5-2/3, one run on six hits. barry is one strike away
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from his first world series victory. breaking ball, fouled back. >> joe: a 3-2 is high. two-out walk. now ramon santiago will come off the bench. and bruce bochy will stay with kontos? the answer is no. trying to get george kontos going. he comes in, allows a single, homer, two-out
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responsibility. what's your policy? >> joe: top of the ninth inning. one on, two out. jeremy affeldt, a left-hander and a good one, is in to his ninth game of this post season. santiago, one pitch. that ends it! giants win game one of the 2012 world series. [ cheers & applause ] the giants stay hot. and they did it tonight behind a pitching
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performance from barry zito an tim lincecum. and an unbelievable offensive night from the same two guys. )scutaro was good. pablo sandoval unbelievable. >> tim: three home runs in a world series game for only the fourth time in history. remarkable. >> joe: he hit a solo shot in the first. two-run shot in the third. solo blast in the fifth. single in the seventh for good measure. scutaro two more rbi hits. two more runs scored. that two-three combination has made bochy smile quite a bit in the 2012 post season. here they are. 95-mile-per-hour fastball, 0-2 from verlander. home run to center.
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another 95-mile-per-hour fastball, home run to left. pitch in the 80s against albuquerque, went down to get it and rode it out to center. plenty of offense. the final 8-3. let's go down to erin andrews. >> erin: joe, thanks. pablo, you join a list now with babe ruth, reggie jackson and albert pujols as players to hit three home runs in a world series. how does it sound? >> player: excited. excited to be part of that. one of the things when you live and your dream is to play in the world series, your dream comes true. >> erin: you told me as a little kid you didn't hit three home runs before. what did justin verlander throw to you that you were able to take him out of the park twice? >> player: he has good stuff. he has been throwing. it was another pitch i was looking for. i got a good pitch to hit. >> erin: there was so much made about tigers and the time off they
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had. what advantage did it give you guys that you won three straight and only had one off-day before you played game one of >> player: we got a bonus. we played two days ago, the last game. it's still hard. we come and play our game. >> erin: thank you so much. joe, back to you. >> joe: erin, thank you. up to the tigers and tomorrow night in particular. doug fister to try and find a way to quiet the giants' bats. in particular, the two-three combination. how about zito tonight? how good was he? first world series start. he gets the win pitching 5-2/3. take a break. come back to san francisco after this. 
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 first on fox 5 the shocking video now the sun of a police investigation, hear from the man who shot it. >> plus captain chaos, what rg3 had to say about chris cooley's return. >> and wait till you hear how much d.c. traffic cameras raked in tonight after the game.
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what a night for the home crowd here in game one. a final of 8-3. zito over verlander here in game one. we'll send it across the field, out in left-field, our guys on the set. matt vasgersian, it's all yours. >> matt: joe, thanks. here with harold reynolds, eric karros, a.j. pierzynski. guys, as you know it's rare when a game one story becomes the enduring story throughout a whole world series. but when you consider willie mays played in 20 world series. had 70 world series at-bats and never hit one home run, pablo sandoval's performance tonight becomes more impressive. >> you know what was cool about it, at home in the ballpark. albert pujols did it last year in the world series. on the road in texas. but to do it here, it reminds me of reggie jackson in new york, the kids. crowd was going crazy. he had a chance for four. >> eric: this ballpark does not yield home ru
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runs. fewest in big leagues and he made the park look small. >> a.j.: two were off verlander. and albuquerque wasn't easy to elevate the ball off of with the slider he throws. pablo sandoval a tremendous job. barry zito is the story for me. >> matt: indeed. more than just pablo sandoval. ken rosenthal is standing by with another one of giants' game one heroes. ken? >> ken: thanks, matt. barry, a tough line-up. cabrera, fielder, what was your game plan going in tonight? >> player: just to mix all my pitches around and to keep them off-balance. and, you know, throw them in for strikes so they couldn't sit on one pitch. >> ken: i know you like to stay in the moment and not get caught up in the hoopla but we had tough times here. when the crowd was chanting your name, what was going through your mind? >> player: i couldn't enjoy it as much as i like. when you are out there, you've got serious work to do. and you can't really be the third person and
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look around. the fans are awesome. we know that. it feels great to take the first one for them at home. >> ken: first world series start, you weren't on the post season roster in 2010 at all. how satisfying was it to pitch the world series opener, and to win with world series opener? >> yeah. just the opportunity alone was mind blowing. me and my wife were dancing around and stuff, just with the opportunity. this is just, icing on the cake to have the boys come out swinging and play the unbelievable defense. blanco getting it done. for us to get the win is huge. >> ken: what about the panda? >> player: yeah. he will look back on this night for the rest of his this night. anything happened in the game and panda was a sight to see tonight. >> ken: thank you very much. >> player: thank you. >> ken: matt, back to you. >> matt: thanks, kenny. ten years after he was named the american league cy young award winner in 2002, barry zito has a night for the ages in october of 2012. he was terrific tonight. this is a guy you played with in oakland, a guy
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you faced. what did you see out of your old mate tonight? >> eric: same thing of game five of the championship series. a guy that nibbled on the corners. when he did get in trouble he got out of it. he never gave in and battled and battled. you can't say enough about the way that barry zito has pitched and how he stepped up. the first game, runners on first and second. prince fielder, what does he do? pop up out there and then delmon young up to the plate. gets out of the inning right here. he set acetone right out of the chute. he is showing everybody, hey, you know what? i'm going to contribute here with a base hit. swing the bat a little bit. >> harold: how about that? >> matt: rbi hit. very nice. >> a.j.: barry zito getting two huge hits in the playoffs with a bat. unbelievable. >> harold: well, the big thing to me that n that little bit of time right there is fielder feel swinging at the first pitch. he has a chance to get them out. hasn't played in five days. seen pitcher. swung at the first pitch. zito ended up getting out of that whole inning. that was a big at-bat. >> eric: for me,
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obviously, zito with a big hit. >> a.j.: but the tigers' patience as hitters and how they approached verlander. they went after him opposite field and up the middle. they didn't try to pull him or get big and do too much. watch pagan, lucky off the base. double. then marco scutaro follows it. 3-2. single up the middle. even pablo sandoval and the home run were both to center. left, and then center again. you see him going the other way here. barry zito with this awesome swing for a knock as a pitcher. as a hitter, go up there not try to do too much. not take advantage of what verlander is doing and try and use, let him supply the power. you don't have to supply the power to justin verlander. he will do it for you. that's what the giants did tonight. they used the whole field, stayed inside the ball and got hits. took what he gave them. >> harold: it's interesting, watching verlander he didn't hit 98, 99. he wasn't up there. i think the hardest ball 96aw him throw was 9 # on the night. marco scutaro at-bat after the ball hit the base, fouling pitches off.
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he couldn't put guys away. the time off definitely showed, as we got a chance to see him all the way through this. e but we sit here and talk about the time off. give giants credit. they flat-out went out there and beat them. they are the type of team that would give verlander trouble. it didn't think it would happen tonight but they battle, battle. they grind at-bats. like i said, we have to give giants credit. for get the time off. they went out there. rio de janeiro verlander wasn't as sharp but the same time giants gave them bats that frustrated the pitchers. you could see it on verlander's face. he was frustrated, angered. the pitching coach came out and you could read his lips. he's like "what are you doing out here?" he's not used to guys putting bats on him. it frustrated him. >> harold: you heard sandoval talk about he would attack the fastball. they did a great job of taking it away. it want to go see the three home runs. he had three home runs in a world series game. look at it a few more times. he will take it away.
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verlander, early in the game. then he was throwing changeup and breaking balls. one guy to jump on the heat was the panda, verlander's fastball right there. the home run to albuquerque. three home runs in a world series game. that is impressive. >> eric: a.j. brought this up earlier, too. in the all-star game, panda faced verlander. he got him on a breaking ball. breaking ball. he was ready tonight for the fastball. >> matt: the giants, if you can say this about a team winning an opener at home steal one against justin verlander, who was a big favorite. a little more pressure ratchet up tomorrow for game two. fister on the mound for the detroit tigers. has been as good as any right-hander in the american league the last two months of the season. madison bumgarner for san francisco. he has had post season struggles. bruce bochy feels confident that his left-hander will be as good as advertised. and as he was early in the season in game two. reminder, that coming up next, except on the west coast, local news. join us tomorrow night
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from back here in san francisco. it's fox sports brings you game two of the 2012 world series. our coverage begins at 7:30 eastern. 4:30 pacific. for more information on tonight's game and other major league baseball news. log on to fox powered by msn. the world's favorite sports site. for all of our fox crew, this is matt vasgersian. saying so long from san francisco. you've been watching fox sports. your home for the 2012 world series. captioned by closed captioning services, inc ♪ ♪ ♪
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we're following several big stories tonight. a local congressman's son resigned from his father's campaign after he was caught on camera here discussing a voter fraud scheme. >> the swing state blitz is underway. both campaigns are racking up a whole lot of miles push ing for votes with less than two weeks until election day. >> and the story you saw first
11:52 pm
on fox 5, did a local police officer go too far? an internal investigation is underway after we started asking questions about this amateur video. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm will thomas. we begin with major shakeup in the reelection campaign of virginia congressman jim moran. his son patrick who is his field director, also, resigned after he was caught on camera discussing a voter fraud scheme. fox 5's audrey barnes is in the newsroom to start us off tonight. >> a conservative group project veritas released the undercover video today and within hours patrick moran resigned. the resignation comes just one day after congressman gyp moran called on the department of just -- jim moran called on the department of justice to investigate voter fraud. this undercover video was shot in arlington on october 8th by a reporter for the conservative group project veritas.
11:53 pm
he runs into patrick moran at a kosi restaurant a block from jim moran's campaign headquarters and tells him he needs help coming up with a scheme to cast ballots in the name of 100 voters who rarely show up at the polls. moran gives them a blueprint for voter fraud using fake documents. >> but it has to be like a utility bill or something like that. you have to forge it. >> reporter: the video was released by activist jim o'keefe who runs project veritas. he told us by phone patrick moran's conversation with a total stranger speaks volumes. >> he's talking about what we would need to do in order to vote in other people's names. anything other than this is outrageous, this is illegal, this is a felony walk away is appalling. >> reporter: patrick moran expresses doubt about the plan and seems to be humoring the reporter, but he doesn't dismiss him. instead he says -- >> so i'll look into it. >> reporter: within hours of the video's release patrick
11:54 pm
moran resigned. congressman moran's campaign released a statement which reads, "patrick is well liked and was a respected member of the campaign team. this incident, however, was clearly an error in judgment." american university professor lenny steinhorn says it was much more than that. >> even if all he was doing was humoring what he thought was an overzealous supporter, you don't do it that way. you don't suggest anything about crossing the ethical legal line. >> congressman moran himself isn't implicated in the undercover video and there's no indication that patrick moran ever committed voter fraud either. now james o'keefe says his mission is just to expose evidence of fraud and let voters decide what they want to happen. the race to the white house hits the final stretch as president obama and mitt romney tour the country making stops in key battleground states.
11:55 pm
fox's john roberts has the latest now from reno, nevada. >> reporter: president obama racking up the miles in an effort to pile up the votes. mr. obama starting his day off in iowa and will be making stops in colorado, nevada, florida and ohio the next two days. >> but i had to start in iowa. to ask you for your votes, to ask you for your support so we can finish what we started. >> reporter: many say the buckeye state could be the deciding factor in the battle for the oval office. the commander in chief making more campaign stops there than any other state. vice president joe biden in marion, ohio, making his case for americans to keep him and the president on the job another four years. >> judge us by our actions. the president and i will not stand by and let china break international trade agreements that hurt the people of ohio or any other state. >> reporter: romney's running
11:56 pm
mate paul ryan also courting voters in the buckeye state arguing four more years of an obama white house is a recipe for disaster. >> whatever your political party, this nation cannot afford four more years like the last four years. we need a real recovery. >> reporter: former governor mitt romney kicking his campaign into overdrive also making stops today in nevada and iowa before embarking on a three-stop tour of ohio thursday. >> this election is about your family and families across this country and the choice we make will have an enormous impact on your family. >> reporter: governor romney hoping to close the narrow gap in the polls with president obama in ohio riding a wave of positive momentum from his debate performances. in reno, nevada, john roberts, fox news. when maryland voters go to the polls in 13 days, they will decide as well whether to approve a referendum that will uphold the law that allows same sex marriage. a washington post poll of likely voters released last
11:57 pm
week shows 52% plan to vote for the measure question 6 supporting gay marriage. tonight some of the big names turned out in d.c. for a fundraiser in support of question 6. fox 5's bob barnard takes us inside. >> reporter: if you're a goodie and support gay marriage, chefs for equality was the party for you. >> the berkshire pork with carbon applesauce and toast the baguette. >> reporter: this 1 -- toasted baguette. >> reporter: this $150 fundraiser is for the human rights campaign and to get out the vote for question 6, marriage equality in maryland. >> lots of money comes flooding into the space just before the election to buy ad space and influence the vote and we need to get our voice out there in the name of justice and equality. >> reporter: in the ballroom at the ritz carlton at 22nd and m streets northwest dozens of
11:58 pm
the area's top chefs and scores of paying guests coming together for a cause. >> i'm a virginia resident, but i just came out to support everyone and i have a lot of friends that want to get married and aren't able to. so i wanted to be there to support them. >> reporter: chef black owns a handful of successful restaurants in the d.c. area. he's shucking oysters and saying he's committed to seeing same sex marriage legalized in his homestate. >> there's two sides to a marriage, the religious side and business side, if you will. it's a legal contract and there's benefits to that and it's not fair that those benefits are only for certain people in our society. >> reporter: tim gunn of tv's project runway lending some star power to the evening. >> marriage equality in maryland is critically important. we have to do this state by state. i long for the day when this is a supreme court decision. i'll have no doubt what that decision will be. >> reporter: maryland governor martin o'malley stopped by the party. he signed the civil marriage protection act last march, but
11:59 pm
it won't become law. gay marriage in maryland will not become legal unless question 6 passes a voter referendum in two weeks. >> marriage, the union of a man and a woman, has served society well for thousands of years. >> reporter: in the meantime the maryland marriage alliance is spearheading the campaign against question 6. expect to see tv ads from both sides saturating the air waves in the coming days. in northwest bob barnard, fox 5 news. republican senate candidate richard mourdock is standing by his pro life comments that he made during a debate in indiana last night. mourdock said in part that if a woman is raped and becomes pregnant, that baby is still a gift from god. the comments, as you can imagine, have created a lot of controversy. >> i came to realize life is that gift from god and i think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape that it is something that god intended to happen.

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